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Building the Bridge Between The East and West, The New and Old

With origins from Asia and Established in the United States, Tāmen or "他們" means to be Them. We strive to be the intersection between vintage cuts and contemporary design for our customers. We are not afraid to take inspiration from the greats while also putting our spin, in turn creating our very own 他們.

001 Collection

Intended to be a uniform for the everyday man, the 001 collection encapsulates where we started off from. This collection features core items that can be worn in every occasion.

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002 Collection

Taking inspiration from the contemporary and vintage greats, the 002 Collection boasts our latest designs. The 002 collection endeavors to provide more interesting and desired cuts while also including time proven pieces.

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Sample Collection

Designs that never made it to production. We have countless designs that were never able to make it to production showcased here. These pieces are all one of one and allows our customers to see our progression as Tāmen

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